Is This Right For You?

We understand that junk removal and recycling is not a glamorous business and that it won’t appeal to everyone. It is however, an industry that provides a vital service and for which there is a growing demand. It is also one which we are passionate about. It goes without saying that we expect Junk Hunters Franchisees to show that same passion.

The reputation of our Brand is extremely important to us, therefore as you might imagine, we do not simply grant the right to own a Junk Hunters franchise to just anyone.

The following Four Key Factors are taken into consideration when making our decision about appointing franchisees;

Management Experience

As your business grows so will your team. Managing and motivating your workforce will be a major contributor to your success.

Customer Service Mentality

Satisfied customers result in repeat business and increased profits. Our business is not a ‘one hit’ model. You need to ensure that customers get a first class service each and every time they use you. That’s what makes them call on your services time after time.

Business Development

Let’s call a ‘spade a spade’ you need to be able to ‘sell’ the Junk Hunters service. Our central marketing and website will produce business for you but we expect you to build on this.

Financial Management

This is crucial in any business. Our dedicated Head Office Billing System will assist but ultimately you are responsible for the success of your business. An understanding of Management Accounts, Profit & Loss & Cash Flow is a distinct advantage.

We might be a ‘rubbish business’ but as a Junk Hunters Franchisee, you have an outstanding
opportunity to build a secure future for you and your family.