Our Customers

The opportunity to maximise your income by offering your services to as many potential customers as possible, is an important factor in building a robust business model. We realised this when we started the business and therefore created the opportunity within the Junk Hunters business model, to offer our services to both domestic and commercial customers.

This makes owning a Junk Hunters franchise an attractive proposition for prospective and existing franchisees.

There are five primary sectors where you can develop your business and gain income.

Multiple Income Streams


By nature we are a nation of ‘hoarders’. How many times have you kept something because “It might come in handy one day” and how many times has that day actually arrived? Modern houses tend to be smaller with less storage space. Spare rooms, attics or even garages have all become storage facilities for items that your customers will never use, need or sometimes even see again. All residential households represent potential locations where junk will collect and where your services as a Junk Hunters franchisee will be required. Our pricing structure usually makes us more economic than a skip and as all the heavy lifting is done by us, our service appeals to customers and gains us repeat business.


Britain is a nation of gardeners. Everyone enjoys a nice tidy and well kept garden. The problem that your customers face which is ‘what to do with the rubbish that their gardens produce’ is one that you can solve, as a Junk Hunters franchisee.

Everything from simply removing grass and hedge clippings to disposing of a ramshackle shed or broken fence panel can be tackled by Junk Hunters. So when you are carrying out a domestic job for a customer, don’t forget that the garden and the rubbish that it produces provides another opportunity for you as a Junk Hunters franchisee to offer a much needed service and gain additional income in the process.


We all know that the goods that one person discards as junk may well turn out to be a desirable item for someone else. Look at the increase in the number of Vintage and Recycling shops on the High Streets in the UK.

Buying second hand no longer has a stigma attached to it. It is a fact that people often boast about the ‘bargains’ that they picked up in the vintage shop. As a Junk Hunter you have the opportunity to re- sell a percentage of the goods that you collect, thus providing additional income.

Cardboard, wood and metal can all be recycled and not only does this save you money on tipping costs it actually gains you income as companies will pay for these materials.


All businesses produce waste. Discarded packaging materials, production line waste or obsolete office furniture, all of it needs to be removed, which is where we come in. Commercial businesses represent a significant income opportunity for you as a Junk Hunters franchisee. They will continually produce waste material, which requires removing and recycling. This represents an ideal opportunity for you to become their chosen waste removal partner as they will require your services on a regular basis, to keep their junk under control. Our marketing will show you how to grow your commercial customer data base and obviously your income.


Build anything and you will have excess materials and produce waste. You only need to look around you to see how much construction is taking place in the UK. From house building to commercial projects a staggering 90 million tonnes of waste are produced every year by companies operating within the building and construction industries.

All ethical businesses want their waste to be recycled or removed legally and responsibly. As a Junk Hunters franchisee you are an important partner to the construction industry and play a crucial role in protecting the environment within the dedicated territory in which you operate.

Our teams have recycled unwanted valuable jewellery as well as a 1St Edition Charles Dickens Novel. You simply never know what treasures you are going to find!

Charity Shops

Donating goods to charity shops will not (on the surface) make you money directly. However by making charitable donations, you provide a valuable service to your local community. In addition the positive PR that you gain for your Junk Hunters business when the public see your distinctive truck dropping items off at a charity store, will undoubtedly enhance your reputation locally, leading to more enquiries and increased turnover and profit.