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Rubbish is continually being produced throughout the UK. Domestic households, commercial businesses and industrial processes all contribute to the junk that we produce and that needs to be disposed off in a legal, ethical and eco friendly manner.

As a Junk Hunters franchisee you will not only be building a business with an attractive income potential, you will also be providing tangible benefits to the environment of the local community within which you operate.

Some ‘Rubbish’ (but true) Facts

  • £2.8 billion-The amount that local authorities in England & Wales spent on outsourced waste services in 2015/16
  • 202.8 million tonnes and rising – The weight of waste produced in the UK
  • Household waste accounts for 13.7% of the total UK Waste
  • Recycling in 2015 @ 44.3% is the second highest figure since records began
  • 936,000 incidents of fly tipping (illegal dumping of waste) were dealt with by local authorities in 2015/16

  • £49.8 million = the estimated cost to local authorities for fly tipping clearance
  • 494,000 = the number of enforcement actions by local authorities at a cost of £16.9 million