You are much more likely to succeed under a franchise model than starting an independent business

The Junk Hunters Franchise Model

As we previously mentioned, at Junk Hunters we offer two options for incoming franchisees these are detailed below:

Operator Model

Under our Operator Model you will start with a single vehicle and will be involved in the day to day activities required of a Junk Hunter (this incidently, is how Harsha the founder of the business started but without the advantage of a highly branded vehicle and a Head Office back up). You will work on the vehicle carrying out the day to day duties of collections, recycling and disposals.

As the business owner, your role will also encompass the sales and marketing aspects of being a Junk Hunters franchisee in order to build your business. Our Head Office Support, including our highly optimised website, will help you to gain customers. In addition, you will be dealing with the overall administrative management of your business.

This option would suit individuals who wish to build their business by working from home (although you will need suitable parking for your truck) with the advantage of lower overheads.

Management Model

Our ‘Management ‘model requires a higher level of investment, as you may start with more than one vehicle (although this won’t necessarily be from day one).

Your role in this case is primarily about managing the business and you will be responsible for sales & marketing, staff recruitment & training, as well as all the associated administration required in running a successful business. In this case you may operate from an office or industrial premises and again you will need secure parking for your truck(s).

Operator franchisees can (and we would hope that they will) expand to become management franchisees, as their business grows and they require additional trucks and staff to cope with demand.

In either case, our training will involve you initially spending time in the vehicle in order that you fully understand every aspect of running a Junk Hunters business